Remembering Mark Leventhall – R.I.P.

Remembering Mark Leventhall – R.I.P. I shot this clip of Mark Leventhal at Oceandrive’s Volleypallooza in 2003. In the background “Creep” was playing and ironically Rich Santelises is singing the lyrics to Mark while Brendan O’Neill engages in some idle chit chat about James Brown. These were great days with some great people all over south beach.

I would see Mark for years while we were working at clubs like Automatic Slims and MYNT, OceanDrive events and many exclusive private parties.

Our conversations started off about the crowd, the music, the venue but we would always end up talking about our kids. I could tell he was a great dad.

Hey Mark – Hope you like this clip. You are special. Keep spinning man. R.I.P.

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