A Predator or a Voyeur?

When holding a still camera I feel like a #predator because I am looking to “get” the shot. When holding a video camera I feel like a #voyeur because I am “watching” what is going on in front of me.

Wilhelmina Miami asked me to come make a video of their 2015 Season Celebration at the Thompson Hotel. Since a bunch of hot guys and girls would be around how could I refuse.

Wilhelmina Miami were also very clear that I was to enjoy the food and unlimited vodka. I was treated very much like a guest. A great night with a very classy group of people from a great model agency.

Since I love to edit, and after “watching” @PaulyShore crash the party, I came up with this sequence which captured the sexy sultry Miami vibe that night. Check out some pretty people!

Wilhelmina Miami Season Celebration! | RT :56

Hydra Facials for Men!

This actually looks like it would be a nice thing. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a million buck?

Hydra Facials for Men! | RT 1:38

Philly Kids Got Talent

Been working on a very special project. Give me a minute and half of your time and check out this young lady who danced a tribute for her grandfather and brother that passed away. So nice to see kids like this exist today. I loved directing and putting this treatment together!

Let the cat fights begin!

Thanks to Jerry Powers, the original model agents on South Beach used to get together once a year to watch their models play some volleyball at OceanDrive’s Model Volleyball Tournament called VolleyPalooza.

One year Eric Levin and I decided to chat with the top agents on South Beach before the tournament to get some insight in the rivalry that existed and the results are pretty entertaining. Irene Marie, Michele Pommier, Ron Gerard, Jeff Fuller and (I forgot his name from Wilhelmina) let us all know what they really think about each other.

The model agents talk the talk but the models walk the walk. Check out some uncensored dialogue from the agents and some volleyball action moderated by my buddy James Hyde who was our host that year on this TBT video blog from Digital Pictures.

Remembering Mark Leventhall – R.I.P.

Remembering Mark Leventhall – R.I.P. I shot this clip of Mark Leventhal at Oceandrive’s Volleypallooza in 2003. In the background “Creep” was playing and ironically Rich Santelises is singing the lyrics to Mark while Brendan O’Neill engages in some idle chit chat about James Brown. These were great days with some great people all over south beach.

I would see Mark for years while we were working at clubs like Automatic Slims and MYNT, OceanDrive events and many exclusive private parties.

Our conversations started off about the crowd, the music, the venue but we would always end up talking about our kids. I could tell he was a great dad.

Hey Mark – Hope you like this clip. You are special. Keep spinning man. R.I.P.